Naughty Office

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What will it take to sway the big boss to use your idea? If you’re Violet Starr, it’s your sex appeal and pretty pink pussy. Violet’s corporate arch nemesis Keisha has been on the rise way too much for her liking, and she’s got to do something about it, like cornering the CEO, Damon, and giving him more cleavage than he can handle. And once he’s vulnerable, Violet attacks with the big ass that got her the job in the first place. An office blowjob later and Damon is suddenly giving Violet’s ideas a second thought, and her wet pussy on his big dick!

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Far beyond the world we know, there are unknown forces. These forces lead Violet Starr to test her supreme abilities to determine the faith of mankind and the physical duty she has as an uprising Jedi. She will do anything to conquer the Stormtroopers and the powerful entities surrounding them, but first, Violet must seek her inner strength with the help of her master in this hands-on Starwars XXX Parody!

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Blue Satin

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Casual by day but exotic by night, Violet Starr unravels her most intimate and passionate performance on her hanging blue silks. Her emotions are tender and fragile, allowing her to release the wild energy within. When she returns home, she unwinds with a hot, steamy sex-filled shower with her boyfriend who wraps himself up with her silky-smooth pussy.

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My Daughter's Hot Friend

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Poor Violet Starr… She can’t afford to go to the concert with her friend tonight, so she decides to stick around for a while and just chill. Her friend’s dad Mark tells her that he has an idea… He’d be willing to help her out with an allowance if she’s willing to help him out, wink-wink! Violet’s hesitant at first, but once Mr. Wood starts sucking on her nipples, she’s all for it! A blowjob here, and doggystyle fuck there, and a facial at the end gets his daughter’s friend the beginning of her allowance, and tickets to a concert too!

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Clean Fucking

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Violet Starr was cleaning up Kyle Mason’s place when she moved into his room. Violet was curious about the cock on Kyle, and when she lifted the blanket to sneak a peek, she got instantly wet! Violet started to masturbate just thinking about Kyle’s cock deep inside her pussy, but when he woke up, Ms. Starr’s fantasy came to life!

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My Friend's Hot Girl

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Ryan is pissed because there isn’t any food in the house, all thanks to his roommate and his roommate’s girlfriend Violet Starr. She’s about to step into the hot tub when she walks in on him muttering about the food situation, so she asks him what’s wrong. He tells her, but she finds out that the root of the problem is that Ryan has the hots for her! She struts around with her big natural tits and fat ass poking out everywhere, and he’s relegated to jerking off in his room while his buddy bangs her. Well, not today! Violet is not only flattered, but she’s concerned for Ryan’s welfare. So, with her boyfriend at work, she takes control of the situation as she sees fit, by shoving her tits in Ryan’s face, sucking his cock, and fucking all the jealousy out of him!

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Violet Starr's Sexual Fantasy

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Violet Starr has a thing for her boyfriend’s father. That particular day, she stopped by when her boyfriend wasn’t there to specifically talk to his father alone. She confessed her feelings to him and even busted out her sweet titties. He couldn’t resist the urge, and off they went. He slammed his son’s girlfriend’s pussy all over their living room. Violet choked on his cock till her throat couldn’t take any more, then her pussy got the good kicking it deserved, something that her boyfriend couldn’t accomplish.

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